You need to gather resources and craft different objects for survival. To raise the challenge, there are needs that require to be frequently fulfilled. Use your pistol to shoot down zombies that are coming for you, and be certain to save the bullets! There's a near by village to find more resources and a truck to help ease your travel. When you yourself have enough resources, it is time to build a long lasting shelter. Have fun!

How to play?
  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Use mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use Shift to run.
  • Use E to enter craft menu.
  • Use Space to jump.
  • Use number keys to switch weapons.


Tips and Tricks:    

  1. Collect required items to craft powerful weapons.
  2. You have limited ammo.
  3. Run away from the zombies when they are too crowded.
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