A new version of the superpopular game has arrived! This time with colorful slithers! Grow as much as you can and block the path of the other slithers to kill them. Have fun!

How to play?

If you play this game on browsers, just use the mouse to control and move in the direction of your cursor. In addition, you also can use the arrow keys to move right or left. 


Tips and tricks

  • You can install mod before enjoying the game to get more fun and benefits from it.
  • A common strategy that lots of players use to defeat opponents is to coil the worm around them in a loop. This strategy makes your opponents must crash into your avatar's body and die.
  • You can slither near other worms that give you a chance of eating the orbs. However, avoid gliding parallel with both heads close each other because it’s extremely dangerous.
  • You should avail coiling to protect yourself against other enemies as well as attacking some smaller worms. Remember not to collide near the larger ones otherwise, they can take an opportunity to trap and kill you.
  • Remember to protect your bounty. When you defeat an opponent, let's use your body to coil around your bounty. This can help you protect your bounty from other opponents.
  • Or try coiling in weird ways for safety, not in a strange way.
  • Don’t forget to use Boosting to make a great escape, speed up to kill other worms and eat everything quickly.
  • Last but not least, please pay attention to the map to avoid overcrowded areas.
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