Call of Zombies 3


Call of Zombies 3: When the zombies arrive, there is only one thing to do: run for your life! Fight to survive as long as possible in this exorbitant action game. The living dead will chase you and you will not stop until you have taken a bite. Enjoy!

How to play?

WASD/    = Move

Left click = Fire weapon

Left click + Ctrl = Crouch

Left click + Shift = Sprint

Right click = Sight/block

N = Night vision

J = Use health pack

Left arrow = Drop weapon

H = Holster weapon

B = Fire mode

R = Reload

F = Open shop

Spacekey = Jump

E = Lean right

Q = Lean left

X = Prone

P = Pause

Call of Zombies 314 votes. 4.89 / 5


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