About Call of Zombies 2

Call of Zombies 2Enter this 3D war zone against the zombie invasion. Beat each horde of zombies in your direction to earn enough money to buy a decent weapon to defend yourself. You will have a partner who will help you to face these dead alive in the first waves of zombies but it is better to prepare yourself with a weapon that can shoot and defend you well. Have fun!

How to play Call of Zombies 2

Mouse = Aim/Shoot

WASD = Move

P = Pause

Z = Toggle Deadzone Aiming

V = Melee Attack

H = Holster Weapon

B = Fire Mode

R = Reload

F = Open Shop/Move NPC

F = Use/Move Item

Space bar = Jump

E = Lean Right

Q = Lean Left

X = Prone

Ctrl = (Left)Crouch

Shift = (Left) Sprint

L = Toggle Mouse Lock


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