Kill Them All 3


Kill Them All 3: Delve into this stunning first person survival game and get ready to survive the onslaught of a horde of dangerous monsters. Shoot their heads mercilessly and bust their brains with your powerful weapons to eradicate this terrible plague that seeks to annihilate humanity. Try breaking the main door to escape and act quickly as you kill your enemies, earn coins and buy new weapons and upgrades. Can you get out of this nightmare and defeat the monsters?

How to play?

QSDZ/WASD/    = Move

Shift = Run

Space bar = Jump

Mouse to aim

Left click to shoot

Right click to zoom

Number keys to switch gun

/ = Next/Previous Weapon

L = Toggle Mouse Cursor

G = Use Item

I = Shop

V = Controls

P = Pause

Kill Them All 34 votes. 2.63 / 5


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